Director of Roasting


Matthew Leonhardt (@matthewfleo) the Head Roaster.

Director of Wholesale

Jacob Stillman (@JacobStillman) Director of wholesale and events manager.

Shop Manager

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Brad Hendryx  [@bradhendryx] joined the team in April of '15. Originally a midwesterner - Brad came to Tennessee a number of years ago now and has worked in coffee for 6 years. Brad truly is a thinker and a teacher. On regular occasions you will catch him demonstrating how to calculate extraction yield to an interested customer with his trusty erasable marker.  When Brad is not bouncing between Honest locations keeping staff sharp you can probably find him laying down a groovy bass line.  You can spot Brad the next time you drop in Honest by looking for his iconic red curly hair, once you find him, give him a high five!  Currently, Brad's favorite coffee on the menu is the Costa Rica Tirra.