The Honest Story

A Coffee Tale

History Lesson

It all started in the late 1800s, with a man named James and a Grocery named Green's.

Franklin, Tennessee wasn't exactly Coffee Town, USA. Quite the contrary.  Presidents were traveling to Nashville to drink coffee at the heralded Maxwell House Hotel, while Franklin had nothing but moonshine and marshmallow. 

So, James saddled his horse, hitched his buggy (in reverse order of course), and took the 3-day journey up to Nashville in search of coffee.

And coffee he found!  But not just coffee.  James brought back flour, sugar, rice, and other commodities to stock his humble general store. 

Over 100 years later, James' great-great-grandson has the same dream to bring high quality, ethically sourced, & freshly roasted coffee to Williamson County.

This dream is being realized in the form of Honest Coffee Roasters, Williamson County's first specialty coffee roasting company.

Green's Grocery can still be found in Historic Leiper's Fork, on the southern edge of Franklin, TN. 

Why "Honest"? 

Coffee has the ability to influence culture unlike anything else.  It drives business, fosters community, and brings people from far and wide to experience something that, when done well, will cause anyone to pause and appreciate life a little more.

Poetic and perfect.  These 2 words say a lot. So does our coffee.  Sometimes, less is more.  Less hands to pass between.  Less chances to mess up what God created.  Less time in the roaster.  Less days before consumption.  We like less. 

So did Abe.  Less oppression.  Less division.  More equality.  More unity. 

Abe said to "plant your feet in the right place, then stand firm."  So we do.  We pay our farmers an premium for their hard work and fine coffees.  We always will.  And we travel to our farms and talk face-to-face with the men and women who make our work possible.  Integrity matters. That's why we call ourselves Honest. 

Honest Coffee Roasters is located inside the Historic Factory at Franklin, which is nestled right on the outskirts of Downtown Franklin, TN.